Foobie-Doo Questions

So, a couple questions for you mamas out there.

1. I know I’m supposed to only introduce one new food at a time for a few days in case of allergies, so if I introduce some avocado today at lunch, do I just keep on with the oatmeal for the other meals?

If you feed them some solids 3x a day (after nursing), do you do different foods each time or the same? If I make a lot of avocado or sweet potato baby food, do I give him avocado for one meal, sweet potato for the other and oatmeal for the third?

SO MANY DUMB QUESTIONS!!!!!!! I asked Roy but he was useless.

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  • Gammy

    Gammy thinks Yes to question #1. Oatmeal at breakfast, avocados at lunch and oatmeal for supper. If no allergy to avocados(after a few days) then do 1/2 and 1/2 at lunch and dinner, and oatmeal for breakfast. This will make it easy to set up a new third food.
    And, for #2, when you introduce a third new food, do it at lunch……all by itself, same as in #1. if no allergy to third new food, continue with Oatmeal for breakfast, and 1/2 and 1/2 for lunch and dinner. Then, after couple of days, you are set up for doing one veg./cereal at lunch and a different veg./cereal at dinner.
    When I introduced a new food, it seems like there was a good reason for not mixing it with anything else for the first couple of times. But, the reason escapes me.

  • Martha.. you know I have NO advice to this, but I just thought I’d tell you that your blog always makes me lol.. even in public. 🙂

    Your little one is the cutest babe ever!

    • Mollie I miss you! You are married which makes me feel OLD!! I LOVE IT!

  • Hannah

    Hey Lady!
    Can I just say that I love your blog? It always puts a smile on my face =). I am so thrilled to see how well you all are doing, and that son of yours is PRECIOUS!!!

    In regards to the baby food…I did the one at a time (with cereal/oatmeal at other meal times), but once I knew how they reacted (and what they preferred), I always tried to combine something they were used to with a new vegetable/fruit. That way it wasn’t a complete “what the crap is this?!” when trying something new =). It worked well for us, and within 3 weeks they were eating EVERYTHING! I hope this is helpful!
    I hope you, Sam, and that sweet boy have a wonderful Christmas! Please tell Sam I said Hello!

    • Thanks Hannah! Great info! I hope yall are well, hopefully we may catch a glimpse of yall over the holiday.

  • Amy

    Rooooy, no help?! They’re ok w the same food over and over. The next 6 months are just about exploration and trying new things, it’s not about nutrition yet. Right now, avocados are a crazy weird new experience for him, so exciting!

    Um anyway, my point was, sounds like you’re doing fine, whatever you want will probably be ok, just maybe don’t give him pb&j yet. Or, I agree, yes to #1.

    • Well crap, I just gave him Ritz crackers with PB…covered in honey. Is that not ok? JK. Yes we just gave him avocado yesterday and it was hilarious. He loved the really mushy part but the lumps that I couldn’t get all the way mushed he did NOT like. Too funny. Will we catch a glimpse of yall in WS at all over the holiday?

  • Betsy

    Hey Mart!

    Introduce new foods at the earliest meal in the day so if there is a reaction, (1) it does not affect nighttime sleep and (2) if needed, your doctors office is open. Also, you can start separating nursing and solids if Sambo is enjoying his solid experience. Have you read “Super Baby Food” by Ruth Yaron. Great, great help to me. Taxiing…electronics off. Love u!!!

    • awesome thanks bets! and no i haven’t read that book, i’ll order it 🙂 i did get a baby cookbook with awesome recipes. have a safe trip!

  • Maggie Craven

    Hey Martha! With both my kids, I only fed them once a day while I tried the new foods. Then I added another meal and then the third. Hope that helps!

  • Kim

    So you’ve had lots of comments..but yes, to #1 and many more. In general, lunchtime is best time for new foods, after a few days of no reaction (I was told 4-7) then you can introduce new food, while continuing ‘old’ food. Super Baby Food-best book ever. I just lent it out, or I would throw it at your door because it’s…super.