We all know Bud did NOT like rice cereal. But homeboy LOVES LOVES his oatmeal. I still breastfeed just every 3 hours… yall for real the boy can eat. I started offering some oatmeal, (just about a tablespoon) after supper one night and he LOVED it! I mix it with some of my breastmilk. So over the next couple of weeks I increased volume and then added it 3 times a day. I wanted him to get used to eating breakfast, lunch, and supper with the family. He sits at the table on my lap or in his bumbo like a big boy and just downs some oatmeal. But since he can’t walk, I like to pretend I know what he’s saying which inevitably means me making up baby language. So now after I nurse him, I say “want some mo-meal?” and he says, “Mama, you’re an imbecile. It’s oatmeal and I would happily oblige to partake in some steel oats of the warm variety.”

Think he’s happy?

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