Shutterfly Shout Out

The hubbs and I take a Christmas card picture in front of our Christmas tree every year. We thought it would be a good idea to take the picture in the same spot each year so that we could chart our changes over the years. It started with just the two of us and then two years later we added our dog Roy. It’s been sweet over the past couple of years to see how we have changed but also our dog is no longer a puppy! As the years go on, our family will change but our love for Christmas won’t! It is so fun to gather in front of the Christmas tree and stand in the same places. I dream of having my staircase lined with the many years of Christmas card photos and giggling at bad haircuts or years when I enjoyed too much hot chocolate. We have always used Shutterfly to print our photos. It’s the easiest website I’ve used. I upload the pictures I want and now during the holidays, I can make my Christmas cards right there!

If you plan on doing Christmas cards, check out their selection.   They also have other holiday cards or even cute stationary for gifts! If you’re a blogger, they have a killer deal right now. So go check it out.

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