Everyday life

Every few days when I talk to my dad on the phone he always asks, “So what’s new?” and I don’t really have any answers. “Well Bud did this today… and ______ is happening with Sam.” But most days there really isn’t anything new happening with me. And you know what? That’s ok! Because in the big scheme, every day is different because I’m learning how to be a better mama each day, a more graceful wife, a more intentional friend, a more compassionate stranger, and trying to find a way to keep my creative humor in a life full of naps and stinky diapers.

I’m grateful for the little things that make my days steady. Here are a few things I look forward to each day.

drooly baby smiles

diaper changes because they make my boy so smiley

family floor time

my crazy dog's winter jacket...yeah its happening

funny random texts from my friend jude

the fact that my husband thinks its hilarious to train our dog to sit on me when i lay on the floor

my morning smoothie with kale from the farmers market


While my life may not be filled with exciting news or an activity-filled schedule, I’m trying to remember to enjoy this time when I can lay on the floor with my baby and just make funny noises while he pats his soft hand on my face. Or that I can sit down with my husband for supper each night because he’s not deployed. Or that I have a new place to explore and a new climate to experience as I’m out walking. I guess those things are pretty exciting now for my new life as a mama.

Have a great Thanksgiving my friends! I have been cooking all day and plan to continue tomorrow as my whole fam will be here! My brothers and I were all going to meet at my house and my adventure-loving parents decided they’d fly out and join us! Yay for spontaneous family get-togethers even when we’re spread out!

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  • love it! the everyday IS what its all about!