Our weekend

Happy Monday peeps. We had a great weekend here in ole Washington. On Friday night Sam and I had a date night in. We made supper and watched a movie and it was totally relaxing. On Saturday we had Sam’s promotion party in Tacoma. SO FUN! Yall I got out! We got a sitter and I put on a cute outfit and brace yourselves… I curled my hair! It was party time. We had drinks and went dancing and I laughed so much because all I could think of when I was breaking it down was, “OH MY GOSH I AM SOMEONE’S MOM!!!” 

We drove home and collapsed on the couch at…. 11:30. Yall, we’ve gotten old.

Sunday was productivity day and we got Thanksgiving grocery shopping done (a friggin’ nightmare) and Sam did a bunch of yardwork that I never feel like doing. We make a great team. Anything I don’t want to do I just leave it until it drives him crazy enough to just do it himself while I eat Gobstoppers on the couch.

Here is a picture of the ladies that were out on Saturday, love them!

And Bud got the best present this weekend. My dad named his boat after him! Too precious and so special. I know they will have lots of adventures together on that boat and Sam and my dad already have funny stories from their own adventures on that thing that they will have to share with him.

Life is good, hope you had a great weekend.

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