A little North Carolina love in the PNW

On Friday we decided to celebrate our beloved Tarheels playing on Veteran’s Day by bringing some North Carolina culture to the Pacific Northwest. We have met a great couple that is also from NC (WOO!) and knowing they’d appreciate the game as much as we would, we invited them over! So they came and brought their gorgeous daughter. We also had some Texans over and showed them what “real” barbeque tasted like. Yall- it was such a fun night.

1. Sam made authentic Eastern NC BBQ! He made his own sauce and slow-cooked the crap out of that hog. We even put the sauce in mason jars to make us look like the people on Pinterest.

2. I made yummy banana pudding… I even made homemade whipped cream! DELISHHHHH! I may or may not have eaten half the bowl before dumping into the pudding.

3. We dressed our little people up in UNC gear… what can be cuter?

I love this one because the babes are speaking their secret language to each other

4. We had pork n’ beans (one kind of pig isn’t enough), potato salad, and Kim made homemade slaw that was SO good!

5. Our Heels played basketball ON AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER!!! WHHAA?!?!?! It was awesome.

I’m a terrible blogger and didn’t take pictures of our food. Oops. BUT it would have looked like this:

If this looks delicious to you, you’re ok in my book.

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  • From NC, love!

  • Kimberly Howell

    Ah! Yes, our babies are communicating. It looks like they’re playing copy cat. Again-we LOVED the food and good times. Can you blog for me because I’m just not feeling it this week?! Ha.