Rice Cereal?

Sam and I have been trying to figure out when we should introduce solids to Bud. We have done a lot of research and while a lot of says to go ahead and keep breastfeeding until 6 months to avoid food allergies, plenty of research also says if your babes is ready, then go for it!

So we went for it on Monday night. It went awesome….. SIKE! Luckily Sam grabbed the video camera and we had a good laugh. I’m guessing Bud isn’t quite ready for rice cereal. We’ll keep sporadically trying but as long as he stays on track with his weight, I think we’ll avoid pushing it!

Is there a trick we’re missing… besides the ones you heard on the video. Don’t worry, we aren’t really considering laying him down and pouring it in his mouth or using a beer funnel. Although, both are valid suggestions yes?


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  • um I love it. And you guys cracked me up 🙂

  • not a fail! that is pretty much how the first few times go 🙂
    i am sure he will let you know if he wants it again!

  • Kate

    Bennett couldnt get a hold of it when it was too watery (breastmilky? is that a word?) so Ive thickened it up a bit and now he freaks.out. when he sees the bowl because he gets so excited. I may or may not have given him real banana in little chunks to practice chewing first… such is the life of a second child 🙂 Love hearing yalls voices! *cue tears*

  • sandy russell

    the only way i can think of rice cereal is Rice Chex! love the video! keep ’em coming!

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