Friday Fancies

I LOVE LOVE Halloween! There are three reasons. 1) Candy 2) I get to play dress up and 3) It marks the beginning of holiday season! For Friday Fancies over at Long Distance Loving I decided to try and put together a costume as a desperate housewife.

What says desperate housewife on Halloween better than an orange dress, black shoes, vintage apron, pearl and diamond drop earrings, pearl and diamond gaudy necklace, and a black clutch?! Of course I’d walk around with a spatula for the people who tried to take my candy.

Have a great Halloween and weekend!



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  • Love the desperate housewife idea! Your blog has had me cracking up, so thanks! From one “desperate housewife” to another, happy Halloween!

  • LOVE the costume. The jewelry really makes the outfit perfect! Hope you have a fantastic Halloween weekend!
    btw – I’m totally with you about the start of the holiday season. It officially kicks off on Tuesday!!!

  • hahaha, i want to dress up like this too, so i can swat people away from my candy stash with a spatula – that made me laugh out loud 🙂

    i loooove that we’re finally kicking off the holiday season this weekend with halloween – i adore this time of year!

    have a great weekend.

  • For some reason I KNEW you would love Halloween.

  • ohmygoodness! what a fabulous idea for a costume!! I could definitely whip this together if I needed a costume in a pinch 🙂 hope you had a fantastic weekend…and thank you so so much for joining in for Friday’s Fancies again this week! xoxo {av}

  • Andrea Howell

    LOVE IT! Missed you at the party gal!