How the @#$% do you pose with a baby?!

So, I always see my gorgeous bloggy friends looking so hottie with their babies and I think, “Man, I got my bod back, I can be a cool mom too.”

Then I see pictures like this. In my head I thought I was looking so cute and fallish and svelte. In reality, I’m slumped over, trying to hold tight to a squirmy baby, and smiling like Chunk from the Goonies in front of a lot of important soldiers.

You see I have this problem a lot. The actress in me thinks I look amazing at whatever I’m doing. Then I see actual documentation of said activity and I’m quickly put in my place.

For instance, I saw this picture online and this is exactly what happens in my head:

Or when I’m trying to have uhh “married time” and be a sexy housewife I think I look like this:

When in reality I look like this:

So in conclusion, how the @#$% do I pose with my baby (who is my latest accessory) so that I can somehow pull off the “cute mom” fantasy I’m living inside of my head?!

Love, Chunk with James Brown’s hair


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  • I have been following your blog for a bit. I found it off of Kristin’s Project Baby blog. Your sense of humor is hilarious to me. This post could not describe how I feel any better. Ha, I am still laughing over the running picture.

    • Thanks for coming by! I’m glad someone else feels the same 😉

  • Dont hunch to try and make Bud smile! I find myself doing that all the time with Bennett! Now I action my ballet teacher’s voice in my head: Shoulders back, neck straight, head up, smile, now smile! Great pics from last post too and congrats to CPT Sam!

    • I just need you yelling in my ear every time I take a picture!

  • HAHAHAHAHA, this made me laugh out loud. I think I feel the same way about myself….I am always so hunched over even though I think i’m standing up straight!

  • put the baby on your hip. then, pop that hip out. BAM. like this. only don’t make the kind of face I am here 😉

  • I have the very same problem. I think im looking cute but I look like a dummy. I make the most ridiculous faces if there is a camera in the room. I delete or untag myself in 98% of the photos taken of me LOL

  • Erin

    OMG – your comments made me laugh so hard and then came…the picture of little girl running – I died. Martha, you are too funny…thanks for this! 🙂

  • Deana

    I think you look like a way cool, hot Mom!