Lose the `tude

“Lose the ‘tude dude!” That’s basically my favorite thing to say to people when they cop an attitude with me. Mainly because I feel like Danny Tanner trying to be hip.

I’m hip right? RIGHT!?

But I had to say it to myself this morning when I got out of bed. It was cold in my house and I would have much rather stayed under the warm shelter of my down comforter. It was early and I wanted to sleep until at least 12. I was being lazy and I didn’t feel like getting in the shower because that would inevitably mean that I would have to get out of the shower and there is nothing worse than going from a nice, hot shower to a freezing bathroom.  When I grab my cold towel, it feels like I’m being grinded on by a polar bear. I’ll let you marinate on that image for awhile.

So I had a choice. I could keep my bad attitude going all day and spend my day at being irrationally angry at everything.  You know, like having to actually work full time in this economy and being paid to be around great people. Or that my hot cider which most people would love to drink was too hot and burned my mouth.  Or that I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to wear when I have that awful inconvenience of actually having warm clothes to wear.  Or that I felt large and in charge when I rolled out of bed this morning because I was fed a delicious meal by great friends last night when most people would be so grateful to know what it was like to have great friends and a full meal.


I could realize that I have it pretty dang good. I could choose my attitude. I could lose the `tude. With every grumpy, judgmental, cynical, or ungrateful thought that came into my brain, I could counter it with a positive thought. BOOM… good attitude today. Join me?

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