No soliciting!

JUST KIDDING! Please don’t go away, I like yall.

There are tons of advantages to my neighborhood. It’s like Pleasantville and there are tons of young families. It’s kept up nicely and there are parks everywhere. Seriously, when my brother came to visit his first words were, “So, this is where Desperate Housewives is filmed.”

But there are some draw backs to my neighborhood that are teaching me to have patience over the things I can’t control. 1) We live really near Fort Lewis so there are tons of artillery going off constantly. BOOM BOOM BOOM doesn’t bode well during baby’s naptime unless its my booty bouncing in the living room while I’m doing my dance routine…. because then Bud just wants to join in. 2) DOGS EVERYWHERE! While this is great for Roy when we go in the front yard to play, it SUCKS when all the neighbor’s dogs do is bark 

BUT there is one thing I can control. Because our neighborhood has tons of houses, there are tons of solicitors. Libbie and Winston is a small business run by an amazing woman and mama, Anna Givens. She has the most precious collection of onesies, sippie cups, iphone covers, and you got it…. door signs! She customizes every item to make sure you have the colors and design that you want!

Here is the door hanger that I got for when solicitors come by and I feel like saying,  “If you ring my doorbell one more time I will literally sit on your face.” So thank you Anna for saving me from sitting on people’s faces.

For real yall isn’t it adorable!? So, just because she’s awesome and yall are awesome, Libbie and Winston is offering you a 10% discount until September 31 on ANY of her merchandise! Just use the coupon code, “Bud2011”. I have to say I’ve been eyeing the monthly onesies, they are the perfect shower gift. Check them out on Facebook while you’re at it for some sneak peeks of the new holiday designs!

Now if only I could get the dogs to stop barking and my booty to stop bouncing I’d be a happy woman…
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  • We have tons of soliciters too and it’s so annoying! Especially when they wake the babe up during naptime, GRR! That sign is super adorable, I will have to look into it! 🙂

  • I had a guy a couple weeks ago selling “educational books.” First mistake… lying and acting like the school sent him. Second mistake: not leaving when I politely refused and never even opened the door. Third and final straw: Asking me to help him map out where the other families on my road live. WHAT?!?!
    Cannot wait to see you!!!

    • You should have given him a map to your kitty’s burial site 😉

  • Thanks Martha!! Great post!

  • Kristin Boone

    three words – white noise machine