Live forever

This song is by my friend Ellie’s husband. They are in an incredible band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (check them out, you know you wanna). She’s the pretty blonde in the video.  It’s called “Live Forever”. Being a mother has already changed me in a lot of ways. The biggest thing is that now I spend my time thinking about the things I want Bud to experience. It’s no longer about me.  I want him to be able to run free through the woods with crazy blonde curls flopping in the wind like his dad used to have. I want him to know what its like to drive a boat so fast across the water that it feels like he’s flying. I want him to have his heart broken so that he can know what it feels like when true love puts it back together. I don’t want him to be afraid of anything and to be full of adventure as a child should be.

Each day I read the Storybook Bible to Bud. I know he can’t process what I’m saying but I love reading Truth to him and letting it take seed in his little brain hoping that one day, it’ll be his own Truth. I hope he comes to know the Lord in such a real and passionate way. I pray that prayer every single night as I’m rocking him to sleep. If he has that relationship with his Maker, then I know he’ll live forever.

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  • ooooh! Martha! I loooove this. Love the video, love the band!
    of course, as a mama of three, i too wish these things for my kids… it grows too, as they grow, this sense of wanting the world for them. not perfect life, as you mentioned, but a full life. i’m going to share this video… hope that’s okay!!!

    • please do! hope your little ones are great, i miss seeing them!

  • sandy

    Absolutely AWESOME!!

  • I love this post! I love this song. I checked them out!!! YAY

    • good i’m so glad! they’re so great! ellie just released her own album a couple of weeks ago, check that out too.

  • larrilyn

    LOve this song! Awesome!

  • Hi Martha! It was so fun to meet you last night!

    • it was so great to meet you too!! hopefully we’ll do it again soon!