Month Comparison Pictures

I know this isn’t an original idea BUT I wanted to take pictures of Bud each month on the same quilt to capture his growth. It’s insane to me how much he changes every day but having these pictures make it so real! It’ll be so fun on his 1st birthday to lay all the monthly pictures up as I’m sitting in the corner having a cocktail celebrating keeping him alive for a year and having my breasts back. But… that is quite a long time away so for now I’ll just have a cocktail and celebrate keeping him alive for over 2 months. Don’t worry, I’ll try and wait until 5:00… but I can’t make any promises.

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  • Janice Bennett

    I like it!

  • Kimberly Howell

    Yep, reading your blog lady. I think Bud has grown since I’ve seen him last. He’s very alert in these pictures!