I won’t lie, I was really curious to see how I would handle being a stay at home mama. I have either worked or been in school or done both for the last decade of my life. What would I do all day? Then I realized that life with a baby is all about making a house a home and experiencing the moments.

You see, when he naps I’m definitely an efficient broad. I do laundry, cook, clean, and exercise. My husband deals with messes all day so I don’t want him to come home to one. I’m really blessed that Bud takes great naps so I can definitely get this done. But when he is awake, our life is full of playtime, songs, eating, dancing, grocery shopping, and picking on Roy.

When you spend all day with your child, you realize how in sync you become. I celebrate the little moments, I hurt when he hurts, and I breathe in his baby smell knowing that it’ll eventually turn into a sweaty outdoor boy smell (which I’ll savor as well until I Febreeze the crap out of him). However, when you spend all day with your child you can also be consumed with the baby timeline.

I think about the activities I should be doing to increase his communication and coordination.

I wonder when he’ll take a bottle consistently. He took one randomly on Sunday evening but it’s hit or miss.

The Sunday Miracle... an empty bottle

I wonder if he gets enough playtime with his Daddy. He doesn’t get home until around 7pm and has to work a lot of Saturdays so he doesn’t get to see a conscious Bud very often.


Thoughts fill my mind about when he will crawl, sit up on his own, wean off his reflux meds, reach for toys, or recite the constitution. I’m afraid his first words will be “ROY NO!” since he hears that 567 times a day. I’m afraid of his 4 month vaccines since I handled his 2 month ones about as well as Lindsey Lohan handles rehab.

There are millions of books to be read, checklists to be checked, and milestones to be reached. But for now, even at 5am I am going to close my eyes and soak in the moment that I get to sit in the quiet of the house with my son. They can’t write about that in any books or give me a box to check off for those kind of moments.

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  • seriously… I cannot wait to hold this kid, and I am calling dibs before Micah gets his hands on him. (are you eating a sucker in this video? that would be an odd question to anyone else, but… it is YOU, and since I remember having an odd post birth love for blow-pops, I am asking it.)

  • jan

    You’re enjoying this gift of all gifts you’ve been given….there’s nothing in the world that can compare. Keep savoring it!
    Love you…