Labor Day Weekend

Hey yall! I hope you had a great long weekend. The hubby’s old roommate from college (Hey Mark!) came to visit for the weekend. It was so fun having someone from home around these parts. They were gone most of the weekend hanging out in Seattle and hiking and camping on Mt. Ranier but I got to see them for a bit.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, they are better than words anyways.

We dogsat our buddy Brutus so my nights were spent like this: cowboy boots on the floor from playing outside with the dogs, dogs passed out, and Bud and I holding down the party

Dancin' in our rocking seat

Blowing bubbles

Holdin' hands

Milk drunkiness

This was at 9:30pm... I think their college days are over.

Hard core

Hang ten symbol? Really?

There is our weekend in a nutshell. Peace out folks, I’m going to go teach my husband what to do with his hands in pictures so no more thumbs ups or hang ten symbols happen again.

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  • Kristin Boone

    That baby is so beautiful and growing so fast!!