2 month shots and hair reveal!

Yall for realz, is it seriously September?!

So on Tuesday night I did what any mother dreams of doing, I GOTZ MY HAIR DID YALL!!!

That’s right, it’s the simplest things now that make me feel like a new woman. I plopped down in the salon chair and zoned out while the sweet hair dresser cut some layers and bangs. She washed my hair and she wasn’t rushing because she was afraid a baby was screaming in the other room. She dried my hair by sections and did fun flippy things with the brush which I stared at her like she was creating a work of art. It got awkward because I asked her to come home with me but she turned down my offer. I don’t know why she passed up an evening at our house with breastmilk and lullabies sung in the Kermit the Frog voice. Sam was the nicest and watched Bud for me while I was getting it done. I got a text half way through that said, “Does your son sleep anymore?” Poor guy had to put up with Bud screaming for an hour and 45 minutes. (And yes, whenever Bud or Roy are “bad”, Sam refers to them as mine. And when they are “good”, they are his)


Yesterday was Bud’s 2 month check up. Homeboy is doing great. He is in the 80% for weight, 60% for height and head circumference. His communication and movement milestones are above average and then…. he had to get 3 shots. First of all, his mama was the kid that the nurses had to chase down the halls because she hated shots so much. I was dreading watching him get them even though I knew we are so blessed to be able to have health care to provide him immunizations. So, Bud got 3 shots and cried and Mama cried too. Yep… it’s true. The nurse looked at me afterwards and asked, “Are you two going to be ok?” I tried to mutter something about allergies but I was a liar. Then I kicked her in the shin for old times sake. I kid I kid.

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  • Love you and that precious boy and holy crap do I know how good that haircut feels!?! And you have to secretly glad Bud cried a little bit so Sam doesn’t think you are a liar hehe 😉

  • Gammy

    You look gorgeous! So does Bud. Miss you.
    Love, Gammy

  • sandy

    Love your hair and love your lil Bud! He is changing so much!

    Can’t wait to see you pretty mama!

  • Katherine Jung

    Martha…look at you and that beautiful baby!!!! Was in the car yesterday and thought of you…felt I needed to thank you for some great advice you gave me about Hannah and her time at FCDS…nothing earth shattering, you probably won’t even remember it, but your honesty produced some good words that make our lives there a little easier 🙂 Remembered you had a blog…Googled you and hit the jackpot! Just reading your blog made me smile and for that, I thank you! And who could forget that Faculty Luncheon??? Congrats to you and your entire family on that precious baby 🙂

  • Olga Pisarskiy

    Martha you look stunning and Bud is a handsome little man, he is growing so fast!

  • Deana Dunlap

    Bud has such a great smile in that last photo for just getting shots! So cute!

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