Happy days and photo shoots

Hey yall! It’s almost Friday! (And yes, I get excited because that means more time with the hubbs!)

Bud is growing up every day. He is becoming such a happy baby. He’ll just smile really big at us or at the light or at the dog… or at anything really. He’s really happy during diaper changes, go figure. Nothing like being rescued from laying in your own feces to make you smile.

I’m happy to report that he’s sleeping longer and longer through the night. Last night he went from 11-6! And his reflux is under control with baby Zantac. I’m not sure how many times I kiss his little head but I honestly can’t get enough of him.

The only problems we’re having is 1) he won’t take a bottle anymore! we got lucky that first time but now he won’t take it! and 2) he HATES tummy time and won’t do it. I’ve been cheating and putting him up on my knees while I lay on the ground (think Superman game) and he’ll use his neck for a few minutes but then he figures me out and starts crying. Any tips for those 2 problemos?

Here are some pictures to make you smile of our Bud:

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  • yeah for the longer nights! (am i a bad friend if I say “told ya’ so”? oh, I am? ok. I won’t.) Lincoln hated tummy time until I laid him on his treasured blanky. It was a little giraffe silky one, which was so well loved it is now a tatter of rag strips. It also helps to put a mirror beside them, they like to see their own face.
    can’t wait to see you!

  • We don’t really do tummy time. If you are holding him upright his neck will get stronger. As for the bottle, have you tried a bottle warmer? I can’t get noah to take a bottle anymore either, even though he exclusive drank from a bottle the first 4 weeks of his life. However, other people can get him to drink if I’m not around. I think they can tell when you are near and are all, what is this? I want the real deal.

  • Cullen h-a-t-e-d tummy time. We evetually just didn’t worry about it too much. He also never rolled over or crawled like a normal child or pulled himself up on anything. He just layed around for a long time, crawled on one knee and then one day up and walked. They figured it all out in their own little way! (And so do we as parents.. naturally Bennett loooves being on his belly and hates his back. Go figure.)

  • jamie

    Keep trying with the tummy time– Si hated it at first but eventually got used to it. We just did little bits of it at first. And with the bottles…is it time to upgrade the flow on the nipple? They have faster flows as the baby grows. Does he seem too frustrated with it to eat? If so, maybe he thinks it’s too slow. Or maybe just try a new brand of nipple?

  • Hey Martha! Surprise from a secret blog stalking friend 🙂 1. Bud is so cute 2. I am enjoying your pinterest boards 🙂 3. Leave it to a pediatric OT friend to come out of anonymous blog stalking status to comment on tummy time! Don’t stop doing it. Just do it for short bursts of time – like after every diaper change or something. Totally not cheating to do it superman style (or carry him on your forearm on his belly or put him on a yoga ball) Yes to mirrors toys, you, the dog, etc on your tummy in front of him – he will come around! Tummy time is important for years to come in Bud’s life in supporting fine motor development!

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m glad you came “out of the blog reading closet” to tell me those awesome tips.

  • Another blog stalker here… Leslie Petree sent me awhile back. My babe is 3 months old, and refusing the bottle too. We are trying a bunch of different kinds to see if that helps. He loves tummy time now after major battles at the beginning. Just keep at it, little by little. Fisher likes to be outside, so that helps with his t.t. attitude.