Now walk it out… now walk it out now walk it out

This weekend our family went on a hike down to the water. It was the first one to the water with Bud outside of the womb. It was a gorgeous Washington day and so we capitalized on the sunshine. Bud did awesome in his carrier and just stared at everything just taking it all in. He’s becoming so interactive and alert. We loved being outside with him.

But the best part of the walk? Being able to talk with my hubbs uninterrupted. We went during Bud’s sleep time and play time so he was wired to be preoccupied and then pass out so the big kids got to talk about current issues, things on our hearts, and ridiculous jokes. It was one of the best family dates ever.

Sam and I promised each other we’d still keep each other as a priority over our children. (Stop gasping and please don’t send me mean emails). But we always wanted our priority to be God, each other, and then the kids. Yes it takes effort because it’s easy (especially for me) to keep talking about Bud even when he’s asleep or to not immediately run to my hubbs when he comes through the door at night because I’m busy with Bud. But we want Bud to see that his Mama and Daddy are totally in love each other and will always have each other’s back. So, even if Bud is screaming I run to Sam and give him a giant smooch when he gets home from work. We try and time supper to when Bud is down for his evening nap so we can have supper together and talk about our days. I know I’m so lucky to still be completely in love with an amazing husband, and I’d like it to stay that way k thanks.

Here are some shots from our hike… hubbs refuses to be in front of the camera so my “i aint got no make-up on get off my back” face is hogging the shots.

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  • You look beautiful, as does Bud, and Kev and I have always maintained that our relationship comes first. We always say ‘if our marriage isn’t good, then the kids won’t be happy!’ Side note: The Larrabee’s might be coming to WA for Thanksgiving/ celebrate Kate and Martha’s 28th years the right way!

  • o wait, you’re 29 😉

  • YES COME! And when I read your first comment I thought, “Hmm, I’m not going to tell her I’ll be 29.” And then dangit, you figured it out 😉 At least I’m not 30 right Kev?

  • So proud of you for being not only good wife, but a good mama. You will NEVER regret keeping your marriage first. 🙂 Bud is blessed to have parents lie you guys!

  • Deana Dunlap

    You are such an inspiration Martha!

  • buffy

    Girrrl- I love yall. you are precious and so is your boy and so are your posts!