Gruncle and Aunt Nomisan

This weekend was a great weekend. It was the perfect mix of activity, good company, and laziness. My brother Graham and his fiance came in Friday night. They are getting hitched in a couple of weeks in Israel and were flying out of Seattle Saturday morning. I’m so glad we got some time with them before they left. It breaks our hearts but we aren’t able to travel to Israel for the wedding because of wee Bud but we’re glad we got to celebrate some with them the past 2 weeks.

Bud had the best time with them. He is really becoming more interactive which is so fun. Graham aka Gruncle would make crazy noises and faces at him and Bud would just smile his giant 90-year-old man toothless grin and giggle like crazy. Gruncle also changed his very first diaper… I made sure it was a good and poopy one.

We’re so happy for them and would give anything to be in Israel celebrating! Love yall!

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  • Nomisan

    Just saw this! Great photos, Martha… two of the handsomest boys 🙂 Bud has now idea what he’s in for with Gruncle. My nephews and niece LOVE him to pieces already. They get angry if a day goes by where they don’t get to spend time with “Mr. Graham.” We love you back and see you in a few weeks!