Your opinion matters!

Ha, before you think I’m asking you fill out a survey in which I promise you a robot who cleans your kitchen or tells you that your jeans look amazing…. I just thought I’d ask what standards are you living up to?

I listed mine below and I think it might be neat to hear from you. Sometimes confession is freeing because by saying it out loud, the power is taken away from those standards. So eat your heart out Jillian and your muscular arms!
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  • Ashleigh

    alright here's mine. i'm nervous.

    1. masters degree? I DONT KNOW!
    2. being mrs. creativity. why can't i sew! i want to make my outfit too, and take pretty pictures, and make adorable cutesy cards for people and and and
    3. sally home-maker. justin should not have to eat a frozen pizza at least once a week. or twice, whatever.
    4. my mother
    5. homeowning. why does my mind think i should be able to afford a house right now!! i can barely afford living in raleigh as is.
    6. why can't i be taller, and leaner and be able to do at least ONE pull up…
    7. will i be the mother my sister has become..

    ok martha! happy now

  • Martha B. Metzler

    Sweet Ash, thank you for being brave and commenting!

  • Pam Shaffer

    1. My Parents
    2. Grad school
    3. Other people's opinions
    4. Anxiety
    5. My disillusioned perception of Christ
    6. Sexuality
    7. Legalism rather than Grace
    8. "Normality"
    9. The balance between conformity and nonconformity

  • Whitney

    1) Career-ism, I'll call it. Why am I not using this graduate degree I have? OR: why should I have to?
    2) Body images in ads. I feel like this one should be easier to shake b/c women in ads don't look like people in real life. I mean, they're all airbrushed, right? With heavy use of photoshop? Or simulated like the people in Avatar? It's gotta be something.
    3) My therapist. ("Hmm, good to know," I just said to myself.)
    4) Homeowning – I echo Ashleigh's on this one.
    5) Stealing Pam's last one verbatim: "The balance between conformity and nonconformity"

  • Andrea

    Ok Fine Martha. It's ugly.

    1. My Mother
    2. My Mother-in-Law
    3. My Husband
    (1-3 all have to do with cleaning….)
    4. Other Mothers
    5. Anyone and everyone who is thinner than me, male or female.
    6. People who "don't care"
    7. The Bible – in a warped I have to be perfect kinda way – are you sensing a theme here?
    8. "Keeping Busy" This isn't a person, I realize but it's an attitude of, if I am not constantly busy, then I MUST be lazy…

    I think that's enough, I am going to go cry now…