Happy Friday!

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P.S. Guess who slept from 11:30-5:00 and then again until 8:00a?! BUD FOR THE WIN!!!!

“What’s that you say?! This just in from the west coast… BUD IS SLEEPING PARTIALLY THROUGH THE NIGHT! HALLELUJAH!!!!”

(This is what happens when you don’t feel like pumping and you have gotten a good night’s rest)

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  • Yeah! We are still on the 10/2/5/7 routine. Though last night he did 10/2/6am. THANKS FOR THE HOUR Cal.

    Overall though, it’s good. I can just pretend I am hungover and eat lots of cheeseburgers right?

  • Yay for Bud!!! You must feel like a new person today. Happy Friday indeed!

  • Deana Dunlap

    YAY Bud!!

    • sandy

      Yay! Bud is a good lil guy! And leave it to you to come up with a new use for the milker! LOL

  • Larrilyn

    Hmm is that what those things are for? LOL Only you Martha!