Weekend Update

I wish I was announcing I had been asked to be on Weekend Update but… this is just an update from our weekend.

We decided to go to Vancouver to visit my brother and soon to be sister in law. I was a tad bit nervous since Bud had been battling reflux all week but I decided to grow a pair of mama cahoonies and just go.

We stayed in a great hotel downtown and I will say, Bud did great sleeping in his moses basket! You’re really doin’ it Bud!

We had a great time with Graham and Nomi and though the visit was short, it was great conversation and great scenery. Of course we made a bunch of Canadian jokes the whole ride there to pass the time because there was the worst.traffic.ever! But then again, that’s I-5 for ya. Seriously, imagine 100 miles of traffic. It was only supposed to take us 3.5 hours to get there but it took us over 5. So since Bud is on bottle strike again we had to stop while I nursed in parking lots…. nothing says class like whipping your boob out in the gas station parking lot- all that was missing was me sucking down a Mountain Dew and Slim Jim.

Saturday we walked around downtown and the sea wall and part of Stanley Park:

On Sunday we ate cinnamon buns the size of my head (and yes I finished it) and walked around Granville Island:

Sunday afternoon Nomi had a lingerie shower that was fun… for the 30 minutes Bud let me enjoy it. He screamed so I spent the majority of the shower trying to get him to stop screaming in the back bedroom. Nothing like motherhood to keep your pride in check.

Is it Friday yet?

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  • So glad you went! Also, hilar that Bud gave you hell at a lingerie shower. Nothin like a little birthcontrol with your lacy panties 😉 love you!

  • Aunt Judy

    I recently discovered your blog. I loved and appreciated the stages of your pregnancy through the delivery. Your relationship with both Sam and your parents is to be admired. Give Bud a big kiss from his great aunt, I cant wait to meet him.

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