This week has gone by so quickly! I feel like Bud has aged like crazy and I’m totally smitten with this little boy. I’m pretty sure he smiled at me today… like a real smile! Each time I got up close to his face today, his eyes got real big and he just smiled with this mouth wide open. I did it throughout the day to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence but perhaps I just give him gas when I get close to his face. I have that affect on people.

Bud is pretty consistent with his 3 hour schedule. We do the eat-play-sleep routine and it’s working well. It’s been nice because I can predict when he’s going to be sleeping so we’ve actually gone out and been able to do things with people. Also… my friend Kate pointed out that Bud made it to happy hour before he made it to church. I wish I could say I’m ashamed…

This week has been fun because I’ve pulled out some new toys for Bud since he’s becoming more alert. I can’t believe he’s a month old.

Houses here don't have AC... no lie. So we switched to the Halo Sleep sack without swaddling Bud's arms, I'd say it worked.

Have I mentioned how smitten I am?


Oh hey Mary Grace, would you like to go to the Kappa Alpha mixer with me?

We pulled out the rocker this week! It chilled him out immediately.

Note to self: Bud HATES tummy time. He's on his tummy for about 1 minute before going his best Snookie impression. So we chill on our back with Roy.


Roy doesn't understand why Bud doesn't like tummy time.


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  • OK that 2nd to last pic DEF looks like a lil smile to me 🙂 SO sweet! Also, Oscar hated tummy time too, but it improved immensely when I put a mirror in front of him. NO idea why he loves looking at himself or who he gets THAT from 😉

    • I have no idea where he gets that from either… weird.

      Good idea though, I’m going to try it! 🙂

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