Our weekend

Happy Monday yallzzzzz. We had a great and eventful weekend! It was full of fun time with new friends, relaxing snuggle time on the couch, and actually braving church for the first time!

On Friday, Sam’s coworkers had their usual happy hour after work. So I put Bud in an adorable Polo outfit and we met them at the restaurant/bar. He was a total flirt the whole time. The ladies there just all snuggled with him and he did so well! We were able to stay there for a few hours! Then we went over to friends’ house and hung out there until late! I fed him in between the bar and their house because they live around the corner from us and he just conked out in his car seat. When we got to their house I just put him in their bedroom and he slept until 12 when we left! Sam and I just laughed because normally that isn’t late for us but we hadn’t been up that late (by choice) in a month and felt totally exhausted…. one of the many changes we make as parents.

I wasn't joking about the baby acne yall!

Saturday we decided to have a date-day and hang out at home. We slept in (well, stayed in bed) because “sleeping in” now means going to get Bud out of the nursery when he wakes up and feeding him in our bed then all falling back asleep together. The rest of the day was spent on the couch watching movies, snuggling, and eating yummy pizza.

Sunday we went to church for the first time since Sam has moved out here and Bud was born! We went to Mars Hill Olympia and loved it. It’s a bit far away for us but it was just what we were looking for. It reminded us a lot of our church back in Raleigh which we still hold so dear. We took him to the nursery and I won’t lie, I was expecting our pager to go off ┬áduring the first set of songs. But it didn’t! It didn’t go off at all!! After the sermon, everyone goes to get their kids so the families can sing the last group of songs together so Sam went to go get Bud and we got to sing a couple of songs and take communion but then homeboy got hungry. So we just left and I nursed him in the car for a bit and we headed home…. SUCCESS!!

So all in all, it was an incredible weekend from beginning to end. Sam is even golfing as we speak so I know he’s a happy camper. Hope yall had a great one as well, I hope adventures were had by all!

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  • leslie

    Don’t you love how portable he is?? So glad you had some adult time! You look fabulous in the pic of you holding him by the mirror. Motherhood is just the right inspiration for your creativity!