Whose standards are you living by? I have been thinking about that question and here are the standards I’ve been living by:

1. Jillian on The Biggest Loser, I mean REALLY!? Who has arms like that?!
2. My parents.
3. The lady that checks out my groceries at Walmart as I try and explain why I’ve bought that many Easy Macs.
4. The people that pass me on my jogs in my neighborhood, I might start tripping them or just continue muttering something about having shorter legs.
5. My professors… pretty sure I’ve set the bar pretty low at this point.
6. Amy Poehler, am I making her proud?
7. Don’t even get me started on Feist or Zooey Deschanel.
8. Donna Reed or Martha Stewart… both of which would have an aneurysm if they came into my house as the dust tumbleweeds blew across the floor over their perfectly shined shoes.
SO, I’m sure there are more humiliating standards on my list that will come up as I look through the J.Crew catalog tomorrow but those 8 will do for now. I should probably start living by God’s standards instead of numbers 1-8. I’d also probably think about sucking in my stomach less and more about what I actually have to offer eh?
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