How we spend our days

My in-laws are in town meeting their grandson so I’ll have to be brief but I thought I’d share how we spend most of our days here in the Metzler household. It includes baby carrying, snuggles, and baby acne. Excuse the pictures, they aren’t edited… get over it!

Snuggles after nursing

Baby carrying so I can clean the kitchen with 2 hands

Bird's Eye View of baby carrying!

OMG! Bud totes got acne before the big dance!

Now BobbySue will NEVER ask me to the Sadie Hawkins dance!

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  • sandy

    How sweet! I love him!
    Miss you!
    Looks like motherhood suits you! I knew it would!

  • stacy g

    yay for a sling. how do you like it?

  • Kristin Boone

    Martha girl you look amazing!!!