First 2 week Necessities

The first 2 weeks have flown by!  I decided to post some things that I could not have gone without the first 2 weeks of having a newborn. If anyone is about to have a baby or is in the first few days, here are some things that have helped us but everyone has their own “necessities” I have come to find out. So here are ours:

Aden and Anais blankets. We LOVE these blankets. They are light enough so they don’t make him too sweaty and hot but they’re huge so they’re perfect for swaddling.

Feeding app: When you’re feeding around the clock and have no sense of time like I do, downloading a nursing app on my ipod touch was crucial. I’d sit down and think it’d been 15 minutes and then check the clock… “TWO MINUTES?!!” So… the app helps me see how long I’ve been nursing, which side I’ve been nursing on, when the next one should be, and keeps a log of average feeding times. I use “ibaby feed”.

Water bottle: hydration is key when fluids are being sucked out of you and despite that they are being spit back on you or peed on you… you still need to replenish. I keep mine next to me at all times.

Gas drops: Bud loves to gulp down the milk so a lot of times he gets super gassy. We use Milicon.

Boppy lounger: We love this thing! We just put Bud in it for awake time, when Mama needs to get stuff done, for some daytime naps, or to eat dinner with the big kids. He loves it.

Boppy: LOVE this thing for nursing. It keeps me from slouching.

A good book: I don’t want to have the TV on all the time so I’ve been reading while I nurse. Sometimes I read out loud for Bud or just to myself but it keeps me entertained. Right now I finishing up Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide.

Lansinoh: Do I really need to explain?

Breast pads: Lets just say unless you feel like starting a new style in which you change your normal shirt into a polka dotted shirt, then you need these.

Diapers and wipes: Sweet Moses, Bud goes through a RIDICULOUS amount of diapers and wipes.

Tons of easy to put on outfits: He pees, poops, everything in between and so I change outfits a lot. A.LOT.

Glider: I LOVE my glider. I spend the late night hours nursing Bud in this glider. Some of my favorite moments have been singing songs with Bud while rocking him in the glider.

Infant car seat adapter for the stroller: I have the Graco Snugride 35 and I got the car seat adapter for my Bob stroller. This has allowed me to actually get out of the house for walks which has been my saving grace!

Glow seahorse: This apparently has some sort of magic powers to make Bud stop crying and he stares at it like he’s been watching Fantasia after drinking 15 Zimas.

Nursing bras and hooter hider: SO necessary and convenient. I had to feed him at the doctor’s office the other day because I had to wait FOREVER and this thing came in so handy. Only Sam gets to see my goodies.

Then there is the baby monitor, diaper rash ointment, infant tub, baby carrier, Johnson and Johnson’s baby wash/shampoo, wash clothes, a fun quilt or blanket for “tummy time”, and your camera. Some of our besties, Ashley and John gave us a Flip camera… YEAH I KNOW! And I’ve been grabbing it to remember all his little sounds and faces. Such a great thing to have!

I’m sure I’ll think of others but those are some of the things I’ve loved having these 2 weeks. Anything I’m forgetting? Oh yeah…. a sense of humor!

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  • You also need good bladder control because it never fails that you’ll have to pee in the middle of a 30 min nursing session. And a few skills you will possess are: eating quickly, showering quickly, doing anything quickly… typing with one hand, making yourself a snack with one hand, doing anything with one hand.

  • christy

    amen to the a&a blankets! they will be my go-to baby gift forever more! the diaper situation-and probably the gas-and even the milk geysers too- will level off soon. my now 6 mo (and 3 yo) went through so many diapers in the beginning but i usually only have to change her now right after a feeding. enjoy reading your blog

    • Thanks Christy!! I can’t wait for those less frequent diaper changes 🙂