2 Weeks old

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. We held it down Metzler style over here. Summer apparently does not exist here in the state of Washington so it was chilly and rainy all weekend. But we tried to make the best of it and even had our first outing on Friday night! Sam’s coworkers were having happy hour at a local bar so I slapped the breast pads on and some real shoes and we met up with them. Bud did great and just slept the whole time in his carseat. The cool thing is that 2 weeks ago from that night we were at the exact same restaurant when I started going into labor. It was funny thinking the last time I was there Bud hadn’t entered the world yet but he was trying his best! Sam of course kept wondering (out loud) if Bud would remember and start freaking out… I informed him that just would not be allowed.

Saturday we took it easy and watched a movie. I will say that I have the best hottie hubby ever. Saturday morning we got up and our tradition is to make waffles. Well Sam told me to sit my booty down and he made me BANANA FOSTERS WAFFLES YALL!!!!!!! Yeah I know… be jealous. I don’t know how he thought of it or how he made it happen but dang, I’m glad he did.

Sunday we listened to a sermon online from our friend and old pastor Tyler Jones because I’m too chicken to try to go to church yet. When did yall first try going out with a newborn?? They’re so unpredictable!

Here are some 2 week pictures of our boy. We love him so much!

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  • Beth Guth

    Of course he is adorable! I waited about 4 weeks to take the kiddos out and about…BTW, thanks so much for doing this blog, we love getting updates on you all and having a brief glimpse into your lives. Bud is a blessing and looks so precious-can’t wait to meet him!

  • i want to smoosh that baby. hurray for breast pads and real shoes. if it is cold and rainy there, you just keep that baby in as long as you need to. 🙂

  • Olga Pisarskiy

    Martha your little man is so precious. Happy 2 weeks to Bud!

  • Lauren

    He’s precious! I love him!

  • stacy g

    the first place we went was Vintage exactly one week after Ez was born. i feel like with a sling and breastfeeding, going out is so much easier. just kept her in that to sleep, chill and eat. all good.