I cannot believe that Bud will be 2 weeks old tomorrow!! We have had our good days when the schedule works out, he gets a full feeding on both bazoombas, and he doesn’t scream his head off. We have also had our bad days when I get peed and pooped on (yeah, the poop explosion happened on this Mama as she was changing a diaper), he screams for no reason, and he does his best Twilight impression when he wants to sleep all day and be up all night. I just hope he’s on team Edward, Jacob’s hairless chest freaks me out.

But even on those hard days, I love it.

We had a rough night last night and the thing that keeps me sane during those late night hours is prayer. I find myself in the middle of the night just praying for people as they are laid on my heart, praying for my son, praying for my husband, and praying that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. I sing hymns to him and praise God that we have a healthy son who has very strong vocal chords. I may or may not have thrown a prayer up that his strong vocal chords means he’ll be a singer like his mama. Bud was up last night from 12:30 until 3:30 only to wake back up at 4:45. He would cycle between crying and staring at me WIDE AWAKE.  But I kept praising the Lord that He had chosen me to be Bud’s mama and that I was the one to be able to help him last night. This season is so short (which I’m trying not to wish away) and I want to soak it in; the good/the bad/the poop explosions.

Sam came in this morning from PT and asked how I was. I said, “Well, we gotta have some rough nights because it makes me appreciate the good ones.” Hubbs reminded me that as long as I kept that attitude, then we’ll make it.

So email me if you have any prayer requests! I’ve got the time! Here are some pictures from yesterday, enjoy! It’s the freakin’ WEEKEND BABY I’m about to have me some fun… ok well, I’m about to have me some decaf coffee and a hershey’s bar.

I seriously can't get enough of this kid

Roy likes to join in on tummy time


We like to use "awake time" for very serious thinking. Who am I kidding, I think this is right before he pooped on me

Yawwwnnnn.... he's totally over watching Tour de France

late night soothing captured by my amazing husband. it doesn't get dark until after 10 here even though the sun is on strike

My view every time I nurse. And yes, I inappropriately find myself singing 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' when everyone sits around me as I feed Bud

And  by the way, can we give a shout out to breast feeding?? I have eaten like Chunk from the Goonies, only gone on a couple of walks, sat on my butt all day feeding a child and I was able to put my normal jeans on yesterday!!! Thank you breast feeding for freeing me from the Belly Band and elastic waistbands.

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  • Caroline Lynch Clark

    Hey Martha- I saw your blog on Facebook the other day. Bud is absolutely adorable. Enjoy the sleepless nights, he will grow up before your eyes. I have a great DVD I would recommend. Katie Ashworth told it was a must before I had Parker. It’s called The Happiest Baby On the Block. There is also a book, but the DVD is only 45 minutes and tells you everything you need to know about soothing a fussy baby. Parker is not overly fussy, but when she is the tricks in the video work wonders! Good luck!!

    • Thanks Caroline! Too funny, Patsy actually sent the DVD to me 🙂 Hope you’re doing great!

  • junie

    Hey Martha,
    Your little Bud is precious. His mommy is still a wild and crazy gal!!! You all make a beautiful family. I loved your blog on prayer. A child is such a precious beautiful gift that God gives us. Please pray for Josh at boot camp. We miss him so much. Thank you for making me smile and laugh. I really miss that at work so much. Some of Bud’s faces do remind me of his mom!!!!!
    love ya and miss ya!!

  • stacy g

    happiest baby on the block is awesome. having Bud sleep as close to you as possible is great, too if you have figured out how to nurse him sidelying. then, neither one of you have to totally rouse. he can give you signs that he needs to nurse before crying and you can respond a lot quicker. dr.sears has great tips for sharing sleep.