I posted some pictures awhile ago of our downstairs in the new house. Here are some shots of the upstairs.

Where I spend a lot of my nights rocking Bud back to sleep

Guest room.. come visit!

Hallway into our master bedroom

Where the magic happens people... and by magic, I mean where hubby snores

My aunt's chest that I LOVE, it welcomes me in the upstairs hallway


On other news, we had a hot minute of sunshine out here so the boy and I went for a quick walk but then it started raining… shocking. He slept like a champ last night and I was so proud! I think he is trying to win back my graces because on Monday night he had his first meltdown. He always fusses before he has to go to sleep but I can usually calm him down after 10 minutes or so. But my brother (Gruncle) and his fiance Nomi surprised us at supper which was AMAZING but apparently, Bud has performance anxiety and decided to flip his shizzle as soon as they got here. He screamed bloody murder for ¬†an hour and a half. I had fed him, changed him, and burped him. So eventually after trying all the usual tricks, I had to just leave him in his crib for a bit. It broke my heart but I knew he was ok and I had done everything I could. He eventually chilled out and we snuggled and I grounded him until he was 15.

Meltdown #1 of probably 5000 : 1

Martha: 0

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  • Truly

    you’ll win one eventually….and eventually they can tell you what’s wrong… kind of. It’s just as hard to understand a blubbering three year old as a screaming newborn.

  • stacy g

    maybe try putting him in the sling. and, anything from happiest baby on the block. it can be hard to figure out why they are crying but staying close by is so comforting to them. much love to you all as you are working hard to figure this new gig out.