Lets do this Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! We’ve been up and adam this morning. Luckily, Bud slept great last night. He had a major spit up session which felt like he emptied everything in his tummy but everything seems that dramatic at 3am. Mothering is definitely the most humbling thing ever but man, there is a sweetness to it that is unrivaled.

Did I mention that Bud is also a pee fountain? He loves to wait until I take his diaper off to start releasing the fire hydrant of urine from his peedle. Thanks dude. I’ve tried to trick him by leaving the old diaper hovering but he’s good… oh so good. He knows exactly when I think he’s done and BOOM! I’ve changed countless outfits and changing table pads… the joys of having a boy.

Today is the first big “test”. Sam went back to work today and it’ll be me and Bud holding down the fort. Sam has been such a rock through everything. He’s been beyond helpful and showing such a servant’s heart that I’ll miss having him around all day… now I’m looking forward to weekends for new reasons! Unfortunately it’s cloudy and chilly today but we’re still going to try and bundle up for a walk (yes, I live in the Pacific Northwest now so I’m having to BUNDLE in the middle of July).  We had our first outing yesterday and went for a walk in the park, so wonderful to get out of the house! I’m going to leave you with some pictures because I have to shove cereal down my throat before Bud gets up.

P.S. Poor kid definitely got his mom’s weird faces.

Not lovin' my big hams in the picture but we had to capture Roy trying to bond with his little brother

See what I mean with the faces?

Have a great day!

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  • I love love love that he makes martha faces 🙂 i wish I could hold him!! I guess i really didn’t think it was that cold there… I mean, you are in jeans and a long sleeve shirt! I am going to have send that boy a winter coat. 😉

    miss you and love you!

  • kate


  • ashley

    MORE FACES!!!! adorable.

  • ashley

    also, i wanted to share that john’s first reaction to his face pictures was “wow. he’s got big hands.”