Some firsts…

It’s been a crazy week over here in La La Land.

1. When our son was born, we both looked at each other and laughed because he did not look like a Daughtry. He looked like he needed a tougher name so our son has officially been “named”. Welcome to the world Samuel Daughtry Metzler, Junior aka “Bud”. Sam kept calling him that and it sounded so natural. And during labor/pushing I remember talking to him saying, “Ok bud, lets do this together.” So, Bud it is.

2. I had a lot of theories about feeding schedules and sleep schedules. I’m an idiot. This has been the most humbling but incredible experience so far. I’m learning about balancing the schedule with assessing Bud’s needs. Adjustment and flexibility are the words of the day around here.

3. I gave him his first sponge bath yesterday and while you’d think he’d love water, he did NOT like to be bathed. But he did look PRECIOUS in his towel.

4. I thought that I’d never be one of those moms who couldn’t manage to get out of her sweats and put on make-up… until this week. Bud eats, needs awake time, and then sleeps… rinse & repeat. By the time I finish feeding, I swear it’s time for him to feed again. Praise the Lord breast feeding is going well. We had a good night last night where he was only up every 3 hours. I’m soaking up the moments I have with him when everyone else is asleep and we have the greatest conversations. Usually about politics and solving the world’s problems… or how cute baby poots are.

5. I realize developmentally he isn’t smiling at me… probably passing gas but still, he’s smiling at me.

6.  FYI, newborns sleeps when they’re supposed to be awake and are awake when they are supposed to be asleep. Just felt like you should know this fact. This was during his “awake time” this morning…

7. Yes I realize I should be showering instead of writing this blog post while he’s napping. Blurg.


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  • Erin

    Bud is SO precious!! Very happy for you and Sam! Looking forward to the many stories ahead! 🙂

  • Kate

    You absolutely you be blogging instead of showering.. for the rest of us! Cant wait to hear more. I love him so much!

  • Sarah

    Oh, I love this, Martha! Yes, Steve used to always say how beautiful it was that we were the only ones up at 3am with our little nightlight on in our quiet (sometimes) room with our precious son. The sweet thought of that made getting up at night easier. I know your heart is overflowing. I’m so happy for you!!

  • Kristin Boone

    Love love love the pictures!!

  • Nomi the Human

    My favorite is how content he looks in his little monster robe, so great… You should have a “costume only” policy from about now till he is 16. On a different note… did you know that GB, Min, and I all call each other “bud”? Lil’ Bud Jr. is joining one hellofa bud party.

  • Naomi Skena

    That last pic is HILARIOUS. Newborns are so much work but SO SWEET and everyone who tells you it flies by is totally right. The curled-up-butt position ends far too soon…hope you all continue to get the hang of things together and feel stronger and more rested every day! Remember to take it easier than you think you need to (my midwife’s advice and she was totally right!).

  • Kristin Boone

    Hey, I forgot to tell you that my wonderful grandfather whose given name was Eramsus Lamatt Dieudonne JR was called buddy as a child and Bud all the rest of his life! I love him and I am excited your Bud will share his name!