A letter to our son.. a different perspective

Our friends Ashley and John are some of our favorite people in the world. I lived with Ashley through college. John and Sam were immediate friends and have been on many adventures together since becoming friends. They are really special to us and we love them a lot.

They wrote Daughtry an amazing letter and we are printing it off to share with him when he calls us lame for not letting him go out with some hoochie with a side pony tail and  way-too-short cut off jean shorts with pockets hanging past the hem.

Dear Daughtry,

Technically, you were supposed to be here a few days ago, and while we can already tell you’re pretty cool wanting to show up fashionably late, we want you to know that we’re ready for you to get here. We like that you’re already yourself, not doing what everyone expects you to do, and pushing your limits already. That’s a good sign, and even though your momma is really ready for you to get here, we’re proud of you for sticking to your guns.

We get it, we love being cuddled up, in a similar fetal position as you’re in right now, warm, comfy, sleeping, but at some point, it really does get old. And while you may think there is nothing better than where you are right now, your Uncle John and I thought we’d share some reasons why you should really be exciting about getting here.

Some things you have to look forward to:

Hearing stories about your mom in college, like the time her “friends” kidnapped her, hog-tied her, threw her in the back of a truck, and drove away with her bouncing around like a mad woman. Or the time she dressed up like a boy and tried out for a boys glorified glee club. Or how she thought it would be a good idea to try and shoot squirrels with a BB gun (in a neighborhood), and when that didn’t work, call someone with a bow and arrow and try to kill them that way.

You’ll also hear the story about the time your dad and his buddies went up for a weekend trip to the mountains, and almost died in a thunderstorm after drinking lots of (actually, I don’t know if they’ll give that many details), and how your dad ended up getting his car out of a mudslide. Your dad will come up with all kinds of crazy, adventurous ideas that may or may not seem like a good idea at the time, but trust us when we say you will always want to go with him. Always.

Your dad is really excited to teach you how to play football (but not the regular kind of organized football). You should always remember that when in single coverage on a down field route in the sand, don’t cover too tight or you might break your toe. And then you won’t be able to dance with your mom, and she is hilarious to dance with. (I suspect you might have already picked up on some of her dance moves, and you will thank her for that later).

Your mom loves making funny t-shirts – she will plaster any sort of embarrassing, hilarious, awful picture of you on a white hanes t-shirt. She will probably make them for every milestone in your life. And every birthday. And every random celebration you can imagine. Our advice, just get used to it. She’s probably got one for you to put on to celebrate your first day in the world.

You’ll need to learn how to master the grill, so you can be the official camp cook for the HTH. First thing you’ll have to learn how to make is your dad’s signature 7-pepper chicken. Next, chicken parmigiano. You’ll be embarrassed and fascinated to watch your dad sweat while he eats that dish.

I’m sure you realize this already, but your parents are pretty cool. There may be times later when you seriously question this, but it’s true. And anytime you need to be reminded of this, you can always call us and we can tell you lots more stories about how awesome they are. And we promise you your life will never be boring – they won’t let it be.

Now that you know all this, how could you not want to meet them?????

We love you,

Uncle John & Aunt Ashley

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