Best husband ever!

I was tired after work today and I normally go to the grocery store on Mondays. But my sweet hubbs decided to come with me! Sam = 1, Tiredness = 0.

It was so fun having him with me and telling me stories about his day while I scoped out which EVOO was the best buy.

Then we got home and we were winding down and he said, “You know what? I’m going to make you supper tonight.” Sam = 2, Tiredness = still 0.

It was so amazing to sit and relax a bit and then enjoy an amazing meal! The greatest thing is, Sam offers to do all of those things most nights. But I let him help me today and it was SO worth it. Mondays don’t have to be dreary, I’m so grateful and being able to really dive into that gratitude made my day even better. Lets not take things for granted shall we? The more I thought about how grateful I was for Sam, the happier I got. The more I stopped trying to control everything in the kitchen, the happier I was. Life is good when you spend time thanking God for the goodness He brings.

Are you throwing up yet?

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  • Karibbean

    Get a room.

  • Buffy

    yes. barf. ya’ll are adorable. send me some dinner.