Nursery Pictures

Here are some pictures of the nursery! Please don’t send me emails about the stuffed animals and blankets smothering my kid, I promise I’ll remove them when he gets here!


In other news, I went to the doctor today and they said everything is still progressing so I’m really praying we’ll meet our son this week! COME ON BUDDY! I was talking to my friend today about the strange feeling it is that my body and spirit are so on edge because I know I’m about go through something crazy and beautiful but I have no idea when. Even when I pray for peace, my body is still on edge just waiting to feel something. I wake up out of dead sleep just to wonder, “Did I just feel something?! Or was that gas from the 5 oreos I ate before bed?!” So, of course, being a professional in dumb analogies, the closest thing I could think of is: it’s like I’m constantly waiting for a sucker punch. Anyone watch “How I Met your Mother?” Well, remember the slap bet? It’s like CONSTANTLY WAITING ON BEING SLAPPED BY MARSHALL! Enjoy the video and I’ll keep you posted!



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  • Lauren

    You have been in our thoughts, prayers and conversations for days and days now, and I was starting to wonder if in all the excitement we missed the phone tree.
    So glad we didn’t. Now come on, Metzler. Show your cute face!

    P.S. I love his sweet room. And that you put that photo above the changing table. Made me laugh a little and then I had to go find mine.

  • Sooo sweet! I love it!

  • Lea

    The crib bedding is beautiful– where did you find it?

  • Kate

    1. You know how I love me some HIMYM, so 2 points for that.
    2. The nursery is super cute and Bennett sleeps with his blankets every night. Don’t worry, you will not kill your baby.
    3. Regarding your last post: you will find yourself in the preggo pose for weeks after giving birth, Eventually you will have to remind yourself not to stand that way!
    4. What’s going on with Sam?? Whe does he start work? What’s his super cool nickname for Daughtry?
    5. I missssssssssssss you!

    • Oh my gosh I miss you too! Sam is great, loves his job and the people in his office. Of course he started work the Monday after he got here 🙂

  • ok, so still pregnant. hang in there, and remember, its not an elephant, you cannot go much longer 😉
    Lincoln has that same Lamby, thought it is much loved and hence yellow now. I miss you, and I am praying lots for this arrival to be amazing. (ok, and I may have said “easy” and “pain free”, and that is when I think I heard the Holy Spirit laugh…audibly.)

  • I felt like it was worse than Christmas. At least you know when christmas is!