40 weeks and 3 days… making the most of it!

Hey everyone… still pregnant as can be over here in the Metzler house. The hubbs and I did have an amazing weekend. We decided that we should really enjoy these last few days of just “us” and luckily, the Pacific Northwest weather actually cooperated.

Saturday my mom decided to drive up to Vancouver to hang out with my brother because he was having an engagement party. So the hottie and I decided to explore downtown Tacoma. The weather was gorgeous and we were craving fresh seafood so we found a restaurant on the water and ate a late lunch. We had the best time just sitting outside eating Mahi Mahi tacos watching sailboats and talking about our fears and excitement about being parents. Then we went on a great walk at Fort Steilacoom Park with Roy and ate some supper. Sunday we got up and worked in the yard some. Then we ran some errands and went for an amazing hike down to the sound. We snapped some pictures of the 40+ week belly and my handsome husband and dog playing together in the sound. We fell asleep last night just praying together about embracing God’s timing for our son to come into this world (ok fine, Sam was praying for ME to embrace God’s timing) and I’m trying to find peace that no matter how much bouncing or eating pineapple, this little one of ours is just going to make his debut when he is ready.

I would say that Roy is pretty happy here!

The 2 and 4 legged loves of my life playing fetch

I will never get tired of the scenery out here. Amazing.

Try to control yourselves people, I know this is a lot of hotness to handle.


On another note, Sam kept laughing about my “pregnancy pose”. He said I look like Vanna White holding my belly, “And here it is, a braaaand neeewww baby!!!” I tried to remind him if I didn’t cock my leg, my thighs would look like 2 roasted hams were in a wrestling match.

Hope you had a great weekend and hopefully we’ll have some great news for yall this week!

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  • sandy russell

    I absolutely love the scenery there! Roy looks as though he has adapted well. (and you as well)
    Hope baby presents himself soon. I know you are getting anxious to see his precious face. We are too!

  • Kristin Boone

    Being overdue can play real mind games with you…I am praying ! And so glad you are enjoying your husband. We went to a lot of movies when I was overdue with Kathleen – escape from reality! 🙂