Well I woke up this morning laughing. I thought for sure this boy would make his entrance by now. So I laid there in bed playing “Marco Polo” with him. No answer. This kid stinks at this game.

Sam and I went on a really long hike yesterday to the sound and as I was getting dressed, I had to take this picture. Yall- THE BELLY IS OUT OF CONTROL! Don’t worry, I put on a shirt to walk but for real….this belly don’t lie.

On another note, thanks for all of your encouragement yesterday! One of my best friends Kate did a blog post addressing some of my fears. We’ve only know her and Kev for a year and a half or so but they’ve been so amazing  in showing us what making each other a priority looks like. I wanted to share her post with you!

Now… on to more squats!

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  • Out of control but oh so cute!!! Hope those squats work some magic.

  • Lea

    Hi Martha,

    I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been quietly enjoying it ever since. Your posts are so full of love–for life, for the outdoors, for your husband and baby-to-be, and for the Lord. Thanks for brightening my days! My husband and I just found out we’re expecting our first, and we’re eagerly looking forward to being far enough along to share the experience with all of our family and friends–in real life and online. I hope you’re able to welcome your little bundle of joy very soon!

  • SO CUTE!!! Man, I remember those days…. 🙂


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