Cloud 9

Hey yall! Sorry I disappeared for a few days but I was soaking up every minute with Sam that I could! It is amazing having him back. It definitely felt a bit surreal for both of us, especially since it was such a new place to him. He loves the house and he loves the little town we live in. We drove around post and he is checking in this morning and starting work! I just wake up at night and look over with the biggest smile on my face that my husband is finally sleeping next to me. I can’t get enough of him.

We had a father’s day cookout with our neighbors ¬†yesterday and it was so much fun. We just realized how blessed we are to already have great friends right next door.

I’m going to take some pictures of the house so yall can see but here is the updated list! I think I’m officially ready for this baby to make his entrance!

car seat adapter

weather shield

crib mattress

waterproof crib covers

hand sanitizer

swaddle me velcro swaddlers

wreath on front door

mobile for nursery

take stuff to recycling center

2 more tubs for garage

get rid of excess furniture

pictures in frames

clean rooms, carpet

stroller to garage

file claim for damaged goods (designated to Sam)

soundtrack for labor

birth plan

labor scripture

finish baby wise

frame diploma, barrister thing

fabric hoops for nursery

thank you notes

make button for blog

side table for nursery

organize console in bedroom

call Scott re: dining room chairs and pillows

pack “go” bag

pick weeds and yardwork

wash appliances

spackle and paint

finish nursery/wash baby clothes and bedding

wash my bedding

make copy of key and hide

sterilize pacifiers

get gown

I also felt like I should share the extent of our conversation about the boy’s name:

Me: “Babe, I really do like Daughtry.”
Sam: “Ok. You can call him Daughtry.”
Me: “Seriously? That was easy. Wait… what are you going to call him?”
Sam: “Something cooler. Something that his friends and I will call him. Then all his teachers and other not fun authorities can call him Daughtry.”
Me: “Nice, you and your stupid lawyer tricks. ¬†I’m still calling him Daughtry. And I’m totally fun.”

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