Childlike Week Part III


I don’t care who you are, pranks are fun. My coworkers have put up with a lot this year as I like to constantly remind them how much I love pranks. I hide in empty offices and jump out as they walk by. I’ve hidden Sandy’s cell phone in the ceiling and called it… she had 40 missed calls from me but watching her run around trying to find it was priceless. I’ve taped office supplies to people’s desks. You name it, I’ve tried it on them… and they’ve tried it on me.

But my dear friends, we pulled the ultimate prank on Sandy. She made the stupid mistake of going to the beach and leaving her desk unattended. We felt like she needed a change of scenery.

So piece by piece, we moved her entire desk and made a miniature sized replica out of cardboard boxes in the warehouse. I wish you could have seen her face on Monday morning when her cubicle was stark white and empty and she couldn’t find her desk.

Please notice the backrest that we stole from her real chair and put on her mini-chair

Why yes, that is a fake mouse on her mouse pad.

Pranks are fun, getting pranked is fun. I hope you find some mischief this weekend and act like a child!

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