Yall…. I get to see my hubbs in ONE MORE DAY! Tonight will be the last night I sleep by myself… for awhile at least! (It is the Army after all)

I can barely contain myself today, but I’m still hanging out on the couch staying off my feet so the boy continues to stay put. Keep sending those prayers my way for Daughtry to be born next week so Sam and I can at least get the weekend together before our world turns upside down!

I thought I’d show you how many weeds I had to pull out of my yard last week. It was ridiculous. But at least my yard looks less like a hang out for gorillas and more like a hang out for actual people.

Say hello to my little friend...

Roy of course supervised making sure I stayed hydrated and didn’t work too hard. But then he wanted a photoshoot where he asked the age old question, “Which is my best side?”

The left side?

Or the right?


I also feel compelled to share a conversation that happened last night with my brother, Graham. You see, we are very close but also very, very strange when we get together. I’ve decided he should be called, “Gruncle” of which he has no say in. Here is the conversation that happened:

Me:  “Are you praying that I don’t go into labor early?”

Graham: “Yes. Well… however, it WOULD make a better story for you to go into labor and him meet you at the hospital JUST in time.”

Me: “No, that would be a horrible story. I’m ending your career as a writer.”

Graham: “False. YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. Just imagine him ruuuuuunning through the hospital MAAAARTHA!! Marahraharhahhahhhhhhh hafggg!!! maaaarrrrtthhhaa!”
Me: “I hate you.”

Graham: “And then he finds your room and runs in JUST as you pop our sam jr, who flies across the room and into sams arms then Obama is there to shake both of yalls hands.”

Me: “Or Mr. T. For some reason I feel like Mr. T should be there saying, “I pity the fool who would miss this moment!”

Sadly, this is a totally normal conversation. Alright, have a good Thursday folks! 


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  • Yay Yay Yay!! SO super excited for you! Enjoy the quiet and rest today. Praying that baby will get here right on time (HIS time). Love you all!

  • sandy

    I pray everything goes your way! Love you and keep us posted!

  • this is hysterical. YAY for you and Sam!!!!

  • funny story.

    i have an uncle who is 11 years older than i. so you can imagine we are wildly hilarious together. and now that i have begotten children, he is a great uncle… and have decided to institute the name “grunkle”. short for great uncle, of course. which i made him become at the tender age of 41. 🙂 grunkle frankles. now, the frankles i have no explanation for. 🙂

    ps. happy baby having. glad you made it to sam getting home. and i hope all goes well for you cats and can’t wait to see pics of the junior. oh. and also, i made a mobile for anna and i put a bird on it. yours is cuter.