Childlike Week Part II


Have you ever watched a kid dance? It’s hilarious and SO AMAZING. There may or may not be a song going on in their head or there may or may not be anyone watching, but they can do their best noodle-leg routine like its nobody’s business!

I tend to break out in dance often. It’s usually never good. And it’s always silly. My brother’s girlfriend caught me on tape as started to break a move…. by myself. Again… brace yourself, this isn’t pretty. BUT IT WAS SO FUN!

*Towards the end, you can hear my husband trying to reassure everyone else in the room that what was happening was a normal occurrence. I love that.
So here is the thing, if you hear a good song or are in a good mood or just feel like you have a lot of energy pent up… DANCE. Children don’t wait for skills to set in and they don’t dance to get everyone’s approval. They do it because it’s fun. Please start dancing!

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  • KL

    Two thoughts:
    1. It more sounds like Sam is completely ignoring your antics and talking about Roy.

    2. After this week, maybe its you and Kev that are soul mates, not you and me…that is literally the sound that makes him dance most. We 'throws his hands up in the air' while driving. Every. Time.

  • miss b

    this is why i love you.

  • Thanks for the post