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Hey people! I’m a guest blogger today for my friend Andrea’s amazing blog, You should read her blog regularly since half of America already does 🙂 She’s been my blog muse. Check it out!

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Found Fruit!

One of the perks of having an old house is finding the different “crops” that have been planted before us. Last year as I was weeding underneath the porch, I found a pumpkin! A pumpkin Charlie Brown! And yesterday as … Continue reading

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Don’t let your pride swallow you today. Do you have something to apologize for? I did. And I wasn’t humiliated when I asked for forgiveness. I was set free and opened a conversation that needed to happen. When the conversation … Continue reading

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Four Years!

It’s been a hilarious, humbling, amazing (bet you thought I was going to use another H word) four years with this guy. Happy Anniversary…… what were we doing at this time four years ago? *Insert immature snicker here*

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